Bridge Project


A Bridge for Students Model:  The Bridge Project engages 5 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 High School in the Elk Grove Unified School District.   In addition, the Bridge Model provides direct services to the cohort of 390 tenth graders at Valley High School and their families until they graduate in 2017.  The objective guiding this model is: To Increase by 20 Percent the Number of Bridge Students Achieving at Grade-Appropriate Levels in Mathematics as Compared to the Respective 2010-11 Class at the School.
BRIDGE FOR STUDENTS Model that is characterized by collaboration, student progress tracking, and data sharing among a family of schools across educational levels for the purpose of preparing all students in the cohort for college.

Finally, the rationale for this model emanates from the experience of the last six years in which the California GEAR UP Program began implementing a model of direct services to a cohort of students at one middle and high school.

Services include regional support, cohort services, and family support.  

Bridge Project Cohort Services

  • Career exploration and career planning.
  • Building leadership skills through establishing their own clubs on campus, planning and implementing family and student events, and working with local businesses and CRC to gain real experience and expand exposure to Career Technical Pathways
  • In October, 304 of 390 students took the PSAT
  • Individual academic support, tutoring, advisement, intervention services, and motivational experiences.
  • Student Workshops focused on; goal setting for career and college utilizing SMART Goals, developing a College Road Map, financial education, and developing life skills to be successful.

Bridge Project Regional Services

  • Middle School Counselors will connect with elementary teachers and students on the transition to middle school;
  • Cross-articulation with Math and English departments of middle and elementary schools;
  • 6th grade teacher PD on transition to MS-expectations, transition, programs and services at Jackman, and recommendations for course pathways (honors, Algebra, etc)
  • Student workshops for 8th grade on successfully transitioning to high school and be prepared for success
  • Valley school-wide PD focused on college pathways; A-G completion, AP and Honors placement, recruitment, and retention

Bridge Project Family Services

  • Elementary schools will participate in family engagement workshops and Core Values student training.
  • Ongoing family engagement activities for all families of Valley High student cohort. 

For more information on the Bridge Project component of California GEAR UP, please email Crystal Robinson, Project Manager: