Sac Bee: California not honoring UC commitment

A new report by the state legislative analysts office indicates that the current political climate in the state will not honor its commitment to California residents by restoring funding and support for the UC system. As posted on our blog a few weeks ago, we are looking at a future where we will already be 1 million college grads short by 2025. This is not encouraging news to address this issue or help California become more economically stable through a trained and educated workforce.

Our faculty members produce the knowledge that will underpin the next chapters in California’shistory. As teachers, we stimulate the thinking that enables our students to start a new chapter in their biographies. We are determined to do everything within our power to ensure that the story of UC continues to be what it has been for the last 150 years – chapter upon chapter of education, innovation and service to the state of California, the nation and the world.

Just as our students protesting today should be angry, so too should their parents and, indeed, all of the citizens of California. They should tell their elected representatives that they want their public university to remain public, act in the service of the state and be accessible to all eligible students.

You can read the rest of the commentary at the Sac Bee Viewpoints page.

Discussion Series: 1 Million more graduates by 2025

Welcome to our first blog Discussion Series posts. Our food for thought is from the  Public Policy Institute of California:

California’s economy is becoming increasingly dependent on highly educated workers. But unless young adults’ college-going and college graduation rates increase substantially, the supply of graduates is not likely to meet the demand. PPIC projects that by 2025, 41 percent of jobs will require at least a bachelor’s degree— but only 35 percent of California adults will have college diplomas. To put it another way, if current trends persist, the state will face a shortfall of one million college graduates. Moreover, adults with a high school diploma or less will out number the jobs available to people with that level of education.  —-Hans Johnson

The Public Policy Institute of California has published interesting data stating the need for 1 million more college graduates than projected in 2025. They outline three areas to address this problem:

1) Increase enrollment rates

2) Increase transfer rates

3) Increase completion rates

While these seem obvious, addressing these solutions aren’t exactly easy.

We will all need to work together to align courswork and fiscal policies and start thinking strategically with respect to policy initiatives and education funding.

How do you think GEAR UP schools can start now in working together to address this graduate shortage????