Northern Sustainability Schools Collaborate at Forum


(Shelley Davis pictured above welcoming the schools)

California GEAR UP Northern California Sustainability (CSP) schools met a the Berkeley Marina DoubleTree to work on the following outcomes:

Leadership Teams will:

  • Engage in a Professional Learning Community by participating in professional readings and dialogue
  • Debrief School-wide SSAR conversations, pre-survey and facilitation
  • Revisit Sustainability & determine next implementation steps
  • Identify the evidence of growth in the SSAR Conditions
  • Sharing Best Strategies: Successful Intervention Strategies & Support for Struggling Students

The Continuing Sustainability Project develops and implements long-term strategies to maintain the active participation of middle schools with California GEAR UP and to chart the sustainability of program initiatives towards the development of a college-going culture. Many of our CSP school have been with us for 5 years and are in the culminating stages of their sustainability plans.

Collaboration is key in creating a sustained college-going reform effort in your school. We applaud all of our schools for their continued effort in rethinking what schools can be!!

For more information on our sustainability program, please visit our website.

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