Education Trust Awards are a Hit at Porter Middle School

As Principal Robert Marks announced the California GEAR UP Education Trust Awards last night, excitement could be heard throughout the the large crowd gathered at Porter Middle School during the 2010 8th Grade Award’s Night. It was the first year Porter was to hand out ten $2,000 Education Trust Awards and the many hundreds present, including families, teachers, and students, were all impressed with this years Education Trust Awards recipients. The ETA awards were just a few of the many awards students received throughout the night.

This is historic. I have never witness so many scholarships of this amount given out in one year. Our students are already talking about them for next year.

-Porter Middle School Teacher

This year California GEAR UP gave 288 Trust Awards to middle grades students across California and 50 awards at Valley High School in Sacramento with the expectation that offering a monetary incentive to students will stimulate the entire family and school community to support his or her preparation for college.

How are you creating a college-going culture in your community??

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