New Edendale Middle School College Bulletin Boards


College Bulletin Boards –Edendale Middle School

The creation of our feeder collegiate bulletin board is a direct outgrowth of my attendance at the BARLI conference at Mills College, Oakland, CA. There was a board featuring a program at Mills College and I said why not have our own board featuring our feeder colleges and universities here in the Bay Area monthly? The names and cities where they are located are close and familiar to our students and their families already. Places they can actually visit and attend events to get familiar with the campuses and their staff. It also a means of planting seeds of encouragement and confidence in them. On Wednesday’s there is an element highlighted on the college featured this month during our morning announcements.

We are expanding on this idea as well with the creation of a “College Corner” located in our library featuring books to further their interest and exploration of a featured or other school. We also have another board dedicated to general information on “Thinking College” in our entry hallway. We are making the dream of a college education a reality that is accessible; by connecting them, informing and allowing them to visualize their own college experience.

Special thanks to our guest blogger Gina Lewis from Edendale Middle School. Gina is the community liaison and member of the GEAR UP leadership team.


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