California GEAR UP Core Values


 California GEAR UP – Core Values 

We are proud to share our Core Values: principles we have been cultivating and working on since 1999 and it was through the extraordinary organizational work of our teams that we have published them all in one guiding document.

California GEAR UP is committed to the principles of social justice, equity, and community combined with passion for teaching, learning, and positive impact on students’ lives.

Professional Standards

• We are responsible and accountable to our schools, communities, stakeholders and funders to ensure sustainability of our goals and objectives.

• We take a purposeful and professional approach with all stakeholders, and remain committed to high-quality, professional service.

• When we model these standards, we ultimately increase the likelihood that these practices will sustain.


• We serve as a catalyst to develop meaningful relationships and support learning opportunities for students and adults alike.

• We share time and expertise to further our educational mission.

• We engage constituents, analyze needs, and embrace ingenuity.

• We practice with passion, reserve judgment, and exude respectful service to peers, schools, and communities.


• We open our minds to new learning and effective practice.

• We are unafraid to wonder and be vulnerable.

• We listen with the intent to understand, rather than respond.

• We respect differences and embrace diversity.

• We take responsibility for our own growth and assume goodwill.