GEAR UP Student Ambassador: If You Believe, You Will Achieve


We are pleased to share the second featured GEAR UP Student Ambassador, Rosemarie Correa, an extremely forward thinking and intelligent tenth grade student at Monterey Trail High School in Elk Grove, CA. We were lucky enough to meet Rosemarie at the National GEAR UP Week celebration in Elk Grove where she was a featured speaker. Rosemarie was a recipient of a California GEAR UP Education Trust Award while a student at Harris Middle School and has since been an advocate for early college readiness, steadfast academic pursuit, and believing in her dreams. Harris Middle School has been a California GEAR UP school since 2006 and receives school-wide services to create a college-going culture by focusing on the adults within the school. One aspect of the services are the Education Trust Awards each school receives to distribute to a select group of students.

How did receiving the Education Trust Award effect your educational path?

Receiving the Educational Trust Award in middle school made me even more motivated to strive for my goals and that I am that much closer to going to the college of my dreams. Receiving the award in middle school was important because it helped me and my family to start thinking about college early.


How did your friends and family respond to you receiving the Education Trust Award in middle school since most college awards are usually given out in high school?

My friends and family were so proud of me! It also reminded me that anything is possible as long as you keep yourself motivated and remain positive.


What were some of the challenges in middle school and how have you overcome them?

A challenge I faced in middle school was not being very sociable. I was able to overcome my bashfulness by participating in different activities like GEAR UP college events, and by doing so I started to feel more comfortable talking to others. My teachers and parents were very supportive of me which helped greatly.


What is some advice you can give current middle and high school students that will help them stay on the road to college?

I would advise current middle and high school students that grades are very important and to remain motivated by focusing on your long term goals. If you don’t think about your future and all that you need to get done before hand, then you will most likely not push yourself and will not strive for your goals. Planning ahead of time is important, especially with your family and supporters at your school.


What are your college dreams?

My college dream is to go to The University of the Pacific and to get my Bachelors in Business. It is important to go to college so you can become successful in life. College is where you discover who you are and who you want to truly be. If you go to college, there are more opportunities and it’s also the place where all of your hard work pays off because it is the begining of your entire future.


What can you tell younger students that will help them be more prepared for high school?

Do not procrastinate on any homework no matter how much it may be, because it weighs heavily. They must be ready to take a lot of notes especially Cornell notes. As long as they maintain high grades and work hard they will succeed.


Anything else you want to share with us?

If you believe you will achieve.


Rosemarie’s philosophy of studying hard, staying focused on her goals, and relying on her family and school supports to achieve her college dreams are the true embodiment of GEAR UP school culture. Her passion and drive are an inspiration to all students and families with college aspirations.

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