Criteria to participate

Middle Schools with at least 51% of students receiving free or reduced price lunch may apply to be a GEAR UP school.

School Leadership Team

The principal and members of the school team lead the effort to realize their school vision. The team includes the principal, a counselor, mathematics teacher, English/language arts teacher, and a parent leader. Frequently the Title I Coordinator, counseling administrator, and partnership coordinator are members.

Whole School Service Coach

A GEAR UP staff person provides on-site guidance and support to schools and serves as liaison with GEAR UP partners. The whole school service coach helps to clarify expectations and monitor school progress. Coaches ensure the strategic implementation of California GEAR UP tools: PDAP, SSAR, Communications Plan, Perceptions Tool, and all statewide partnership services.

School Site Contact

The Site Contact is the primary school contact with the Regional Coordinator and Leadership Team, providing communication about GEAR UP resources and services to school site staff. This person and Leadership Team members also inform others in the school community about GEAR UP.