Perceptions Tool

Assessing Perceptions of Attitudes, Readiness and Commitment to Change at the School – Using Data to Close the Achievement Gap, Ruth Johnson

Purpose of the tool:

  • Tells you where your school is on the continuum of the possibilities for change.
  • Can catalyze collaborations among educators.
  • Provides an understanding of attitudes about change, so that deep levels of change occur.
  • Involving people early in the change process, gives them the message that what they think is important.
  • Provides rich data and information for the future.


Participants will use the Perceptions of Attitudes tool to create baseline data relative to where the school is on the continuum of change and the possibilities for change.

Participants will engage in a dialogue that identifies cultural beliefs that support or impede student achievement.

This information provides important insight into the culture and beliefs within the school. It can be used to set priorities, stimulate further discussion and to revisit throughout the year to see what changes have taken place. The leadership team or administrative team

can also use this information when implementing reform.


Perceptions Tool Instructions

Perceptions Tool Tally Sheet