School Self-Assessment Rubric (SSAR)

The SSAR is an assessment tool used by the School Leadership Team to measure progress towards developing a college-going culture and becoming an effective middle school community. This tool promotes visible shared goals and helps to identify staff expectations.

The SSAR identifies six conditions of a college-going culture as:

  1. Development of a College-Going Culture
  2. Rigorous Academic Curriculum
  3. High Quality Teaching
  4. Intensive Academic and College-Going Support
  5. Multicultural College-Going Identity
  6. Family-Neighborhood-School Supports

At the Fall Institute, each Leadership Team member reviews the SSAR and makes a determination of where the school is now. The assessments are discussed to see where the agreements and differences are, and a school profile is created. Schools rate themselves each year on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 representing a model program. This process of guided discussion and reflection promotes the beginning of a shared vision, the identification and coordination of resources, and the use of student data to develop and implement a unified schoolwide plan.