Summary of School-Based Services

The five outcomes, listed HERE and HERE (spanish) along with GEAR UP resources, are essential for sustaining school improvement and a college-going culture, and for increasing the opportunities for students to succeed. As a result of participation in the California GEAR UP program, middle schools are expected to take advantage of the resources provided, and utilize other resources available to the school.

California GEAR UP will provide the following services and resources:

  • Grant funds of up to $7,500, available annually to fund professional development activities for school staff.
  • The "Kids on Campus" video available online in English and Spanish, the Pocket Guide to California Colleges and Universities, the Resources and Materials Clearinghouse (RMC) and periodic eNewsletters, all of which can be accessed on-line through our website,
  • The GEAR UP School Services Coach who works with the assigned schools to facilitate the progress of the leadership team as they implement the Professional Development Action Plan (PDAP).
  • The GEAR UP Principal and Leadership Team Institutes and Forums - Leadership Team members will participate in a 2-day Fall Leadership Institute and a Winter 1- day Leadership Forum.  Professional development activities are based on the School Self-Assessment Rubric (SSAR) that identifies the six conditions of a college-going culture.
  • GEAR UP Facilitation and coaching for the School Leadership Team and other school site staff
  • GEAR UP sponsored Counseling Institutes, offered in March for counselors and school site staff who provide academic counseling
  • Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) family sessions (9 weeks), provided for GEAR UP schools. Additionally, selected schools will be offered the GEAR UP sponsored Family Engagement Services- for parents/families.
  • GEAR UP sponsored College: Making It Happen materials, available for each student enrolled at GEAR UP schools, and College: Making It Happen events, hosted at local colleges.  For more information, see the ICC website
  • GEAR UP Education Trust Awards - Student applications are due at the Student Aid Commission Office (CSAC) annually in March.
  • College Board Pre-AP workshops on topics as described on the College Board website, under Teacher's Corner for Pre-AP.
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) workshops as described on the AVID website, under AVID Educators, Curriculum & Teaching Materials.
  • Math Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP) Based at UC Sand Diego, the project helps California's teachers better prepare students for further study in mathematics, identifies topics and skills needed for success in mathematics, and brings secondary, college, and university faculty together for cooperative discussions. For a contact list of the MDTP personnel near you, go hereCheck out the videos to see how MDTP is used formatively in classrooms, departments and schools.
  • Download the "What is California GEAR UP Infographic" here. 

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